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Back Massage

Back / Neck pain


Upper Back Pain

If you’re struggling with upper back pain, you may feel stiff or uncomfortable across your shoulders, upper back and even into your neck. Some people experience referred pain into their arms too.

Common causes are:

  • desk posture or sedentary lifestyle

  • repetitive strains such as repeated lifting or awkward potions like those involved caring for young children

  • muscle tension

  • stiff joints

  • trapped nerves

  • ribs not moving properly

Upper back pain can make difficult to sit at your desk or in the car, lift and care for your children or find a comfortable position in bed at night.  

Lower back pain or lumbago can be very distressing, particularly for someone who has never had it before.

You may feel worried that it won’t go away or it will it get worse as you get older.  You aren’t sure how to find back pain relief or what the best treatment for lower back pain is.

It is common to feel frustrated when you are struggling to do simple things and feeling the daily irritation of stiffness and discomfort.

There are several different causes of lower back pain:

  • muscle strains and spasm

  • ligament sprains

  • disc injuries

  • trapped nerves or sciatica

  • wear and tear (spondylosis)

Treatment for lower back pain involves hands on techniques such as massage, joint mobilisations, muscles stretches and joint realeases.



Neck pain can be acute (sudden) or chronic (an ongoing issue).

It may feel like:

  • muscle spasm, making it difficult to move / find a comfortable position

  • stiffness and reduced movement

  • grinding or clicking sensations in your neck

  • referred pain into your arm or hand

Neck pain can leave you feeling frustrated, grumpy and tired!  

Our hands on treatment for neck pain includes  massage, joint mobilisations/releases and stretches

Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Recommended Treatments 
  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Holistic Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • CBD Oil Massage

  • Emmett Technique

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