We offer a range of natural, effective therapies, treating your body and mind to help you lead a happy and healthy life, whatever the demands on you. We treat you in the comfort of your own home, at work, at a pamper evening, even at your wedding or, if mobile therapy isn't for you, visit us at our relaxing treatment rooms where we'll take great care of you. Whatever you need, we're happy to discuss how we can help.

What we do


Rebalance yourself

Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing holistic therapy that treats the feet through massage and pressure to balance the whole body. It encourages relaxation, helping the body to rebuild its energy resources and recover from illness, and helps to activate circulation and the nervous system, making both more efficient and boosting the body as a whole. We offer foot and facial reflexology, with specialist treatments for babies and children; pre-conceptual, pregnancy and post-natal care and hormone conditions such as menopause and PMT.

Foot reflexology
Smiling woman - anti-ageing treatments


Anti-ageing the natural way

There are wonderfully effective facial therapies which can help nourish, repair and soothe your skin, restoring your natural glow without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures. Facial reflexology works like foot reflexology, with the added benefit of a softer, more radiant and glowing complexion. The Holistic Facial combines reflexology with hot towels and beautiful organic Tropic skincare products for an uplifting facial. And media-favourite, the Zone Face LiftTM, is renowned for helping you look 10 years younger, literally lifting your face and spirit!


Relieve the tension

Massage feels like a relaxing treat but also offers other important health and wellbeing benefits, from helping to reduce stress and headaches, alleviate pain, boost the immune system, improve your mood, aid sleep to easing muscle strain and making exercise easier. Holistic massage focuses on your spiritual and emotional wellbeing, as well as your physical body. You may also enjoy an Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Lymphatic Drainage Massage, depending on what you and your body need. Even just some downtime!

Massage treatments - back massage
Pamper party


Relax with friends

With so many pressures on your time, a pamper evening to de-stress and relax with friends and family is a welcome way to take a moment for yourselves and catch up. Our therapists set up a calm and relaxing environment for your guests to have mini treatments, along with some healthy nibbles, faux fizz and a little goody bag to take home. It might be an informal get-together or a more official celebration, from special birthdays, engagements, baby showers, hen parties to pre-wedding nights - any excuse, really!


Boost your performance

More and more companies are focussing on their employees’ wellbeing, taking some responsibility for their welfare and as a means of boosting productivity. We give treatments in offices, setting up a calming treatment room, and organise events such as wellbeing days to introduce basic principles of self-care as well as health and wellbeing advice. As a result, companies report reduced stress-related absences, increased morale, better staff retention and an all-round happier workplace.

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming
Wedding party - natural treatments


Something unique

When you organise a wedding you look for ways to make the day unique and fun for you and your guests. When photos are being taken or canapes handed out, you can entertain people with some mini hand reflexology; or, after a tiring day in new heels, relieve guests’ aching feet with a relaxing foot massage before they hit the dance floor. We can also treat the bride and other members of the wedding party before the wedding and find brides and grooms often appreciate a mini treatment or two on the day to help them relax, enjoy the whole event and look fresh in photos!

Balance Reflexology review

"Life can be pretty exhausting with work, family and the occasional health niggle. I've felt much more relaxed - like myself again - since meeting the lovely Phyllida"

Helen, Surrey


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