Reflexology works on the principle that the whole body, from head to toe, is connected. This connection is represented by ten zones, which run front to back and head to toe throughout the body, and are most easily accessible via the feet.

As reflexologists, we can detect imbalances in the body by working on the feet and then tackle problem areas accordingly to help correct them. It is not a cure, more a helping hand for the body's self-healing process.

Reflexology helps balance the systems of the body, enabling them to work more efficiently which, in turn, speeds up natural healing processes. It affects the body in different ways and no two clients will have identical experiences.

The fantastic thing is that reflexology can benefit almost everyone. An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonising the body and reducing stress levels.


It can be used to treat many conditions, including:

Digestive disorders e.g. IBS


Joint & back pain

Sleep disorders




Stress-related conditions

Sinus problems

Pregnancy - after the first trimester and as a valuable tool during labour and the birth process


Or reflexology can be thought of simply as an hour of 'me' time in your busy day, allowing you time to switch off and simply enjoy the sense of relaxation and well-being.